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Hair Course

75+ Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Hair Course

From personal to the profession, hairstyling and grooming courses bring the best of skills, trends and opportunities to anyone who is ardent to pursue it. Moreover, the hairstyling and grooming courses have given many startups to the beauty industry. Hairstyling and Grooming generally involve, cleaning, cutting and maintaining long lustrous hair of women and, beards/moustaches/ hair of men. While hairstyling is more associated with women and grooming with men, but now with new social media trends going viral, the beauty industry has made sure no gender-specific difference exists. Moreover, with technical enhancements, the beauty industry has also overcome hair loss issues, hence increasing the growth potential. Therefore, a larger number of youngsters willing to make a career in hairstyling and grooming. To achieve that. aspirants will have to learn and practice from Reet beauty salon and Academy to get a good start.

Hairstyling and Grooming courses in Phagwara,are offered as short-term certificates, diploma as well as undergraduate, and postgraduate courses.

Course Duration is 6 Month

Eligibility Criteria : 10th Pass